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Brazil is home to 340 indigenous ethnic groups. Of these, an estimated 105 remain unreached and about 27 are uncontacted. In the last 20 years, a migration has occurred in which approximately, half of all indigenous peoples now live in proximity to urban centers in Brazil, like Manaus. In the past twenty years, some tribal groups which have resisted assimilation for 480 years, have begun to move to Manaus. While made up of hundreds of different tribes, the urban indigenous have become almost their own people group. They come in search of a better life, but often find their situation worsens in the city. Their dreams are blocked by lack of education and vocational skills, poor language acquisition, cultural differences, and discrimination by locals. In desperation they turn to crime and prostitution, and their children sometimes are sold into forced labor. World Team is working amongst this group, building relationships and serving in order to bring the hope of Jesus Christ.

Largest Religion

Catholicism, Animism, Spiritualism

Evangelical churches

(However, only about 200 Indigenous Evangelicals Individuals)

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