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World Team Global exists to glorify God by establishing churches that multiply

Since 1995, when RBMU & Worldteam merged to create one mission: World Team Global, we have dedicated ourselves to the mission the Lord has given to His Church: making disciples, who make disciples, who make disciples… World Team Global exists to Glorify God.

Our model is Christ. Christ is building His Church. He calls his children to evangelize and disciple people from every nation that they may become part of His Church.

The goal of our mission is to glorify God by bringing people from every tribe, tongue, and nation into a relationship with Jesus Christ and expanding the people of God to all creation. We are passionate about the Gospel and our workers commitment to God’s missionary agenda is a living act of worship.

Better understanding global trends that impact our world and discerning how to carry out the vision God has given us in such a changing context is also part of our mission. That is why our workers are constantly looking for ways to grow in their character and competencies.

We seek to serve people in their specific contexts, joining our efforts with theirs to bring a “hands-on” message of the Gospel. As we develop innovative ways to share the good news of Jesus, we use our gifts to serve our neighbors. 

Thus our mission : To glorify God by working together to establish reproducing churches focusing on the unreached peoples of the world.

Check our Ministries page to know more about what we do.

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How we serve

Translate the Bible in a Cameroonian dialect that did not have an alphabet for itself.

Organize an annual worldwide gathering to remember the needs of and pray for France.
Treat and heal Cambodians in a Christian clinic where they can hear about Jesus…

Distribute food to modest families during a worldwide sanitary crisis.

Teach English to the youth of Spain and offering them a Christ centered education.

Teach and train Filipinos to restore the great Coral reef while sharing the Gospel.
Portrait of David Riddell

World Team International Director

David Riddell

David has served with World Team since 1988. Before 2008, when he took on the role of International Director of World Team, David was involved in several church plants in France and served as France Director as well as Europe Director. He and his wife, Rebecca, are based in France, have four grown children and six grand-children. David serves World Team by discovering innovative ways to work out our vision, building partnerships. He is passionate about leader development and has created several projects to that extent, in which he is deeply involved.

World Team since 1873

Key dates

World Team has more than 200 years of combined global mission history between two agencies which merged in 1995. Regions Beyond Missionary Union (RBMU) was founded in 1873 by the Irish revivalist H. Grattan Guinness. World Team, originally West Indies Mission, was formed in 1928 in central Cuba by Elmer Thompson and B.G. Lavastida.


The World Team Global Alliance is the global oversight body of the World Team mission agency. It serves the World Team community by providing input and accountability for the global vision and ministry direction of World Team.


David joined World Team in 1988 and worked in several church planting projects in France before becoming first a Field Director, then Area Director of Europe. He has been International Director of World Team since 2008.


In 1995 the two mission families, RBMU and Worldteam, with a combined legacy of 200 years of missionary service, and sharing the same vision – making disciples everywhere we go – fused to become the World Team Global we know today.


World Team, (originally West Indies Mission) was formed in 1928 in central Cuba by Elmer Thompson and B.G. Lavastida. They first opened a Bible Institute so Cuban graduates could be sent as missionaries to Haiti, Jamaica and smaller Caribbean islands.


Regions Beyond Missionary Union opened their first field in Congo Africa. Founded by Henry and Fanny Grattan Guinness, the mission agency aimed to answer the Apostol Paul’s call to “preach the Gospel to the regions beyond you” in 2 Corinthians.

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