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Making disciples, who make disciples, who make disciples…

World Team Global exists to Glorify God

World Team is a global community of innovative teams passionate about the Gospel and committed to bringing the Good News of Jesus to the lost peoples of the world.
We intentionally focus our efforts on multiplying disciples and communities of believers. We accomplish our mission by serving others and demonstrating our total need of God in everything we do.

What we do and how we do it

Ministry Framework


As the Gospel becomes more and more central to all our affections, it works itself out in fresh ways in our ministries. World Team’s innovative teams calling remains the same but the mode of communicating the Gospel is in constant flux adapting to a changing world.


World Team ministry includes training, developing, coaching and equipping others to enter into ministry.  We multiply ourselves and the ministry God has given us by choosing to invest in others, making disciples, who make disciples, who make disciples ...


While we are making disciples, we are also invested in sending them to new places, to develop new initiatives. World Team endeavors to grow, grow its fields, its communities and to expand its initiatives to reach lost people everywhere we go.

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Joshua and Joy Crank
Joshua and Joy
Training and discipleship - Naga City, Philippines

We have the privilege of leading a local Bible school, mentoring the next generation of leaders, reaching out to un/under-reached populations, and providing watch-care and guidance to local churches. World Team is an ideal fit for us by nurturing us through mentoring, training, and member-care, by encouraging innovation and culturally sensitive approaches, and by providing ministry oversight, accountability, and leadership helping us to be productive and to ensure longevity in the ministry.

Chelsea Cooper
Teacher trainer & language learning coordinator - Cambodia

World Team has helped me abide in the Vine as I pursue my vision of seeing Cambodian teachers grow to love and serve Christ. I appreciate World Team’s opportunities to develop my character and competencies. I’ve benefited immensely from my relationships with other World Teamers on my field and globally. They have inspired me, supported me, and affirmed me, helping me stick it out long-term to participate in God’s amazing work among the unreached.

Brandon Burch
Church planter - France

I found in World Team a mission agency and a community that shared many of the values I was looking for when I first pictured being a missionary. Working with World Team has deepened my appreciation for the Gospel while also making me more effective in sharing the Good News with others, especially in a cross-cultural context.

Kristin Bond
Serving - Spain

The World Team community is more than a bunch of like-minded co-workers. We are a family. The love and encouragement that I have felt from everyone, from our seasoned leaders to our newest members, has inspired me to continue to love, encourage and grow. We are World Team!

Samuel Nguyen
Planting churches among the Vietnamese - Cambodia

My wife and I have been serving with World Team in Cambodia for 6 years. God blesses World Team with wonderful servant leaders at the field, area and global levels. We appreciate World Team’s bottom-up instead of top-down leadership. The leaders believe in us and give us the flexibility in deciding what is best for our ministries. They also invest in training us so that we can be more effective. We also enjoy wonderful relationships with other WT missionaries.

Our latest news

The Uninterrupted Battle

Following the apostle Paul example, the author describes the real battle of Christians during the Covid-19 crisis.

Persisting in hope for not-yet-believers

Persisting in hope and love for their neighbors can be a challenge for Christians. The Truth of the scripture is an encouragement to hold in God’s grace.

The Great Condition

It’s quite easy for missionaries to focus so much on the task that we forget the condition: that our Lord didn’t start with “Go” – He started with “Wait.”

What does Home Assignment look like

What missionaries do during their Home Assignment and how it is also part of their ministry.

From everywhere to everywhere

How to share the Gospel and make disciples “everywhere we go” in a context of migration and mobilization? And if it was actually an opportunity?

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