Main Language

Mandarin, Taiwanese

Taiwan is steeped in idol and ancestor worship. Taiwan’s working class, especially those in rural areas, is very traditional and resistant to the gospel. Reaching college students in Taiwan is a strategic way to reach the working class as many of these students not only come from working class backgrounds. Even upon graduating university, 50% will hold working class jobs. College students tend to be more open to the gospel as they are away from their families and communities where idol and ancestor worship are expected. Most of Chiayi’s institutes of higher education are not among the best on the island. Additionally, many of these students come from the unreached rural areas. To that end, we have an outreach center/coffee shop to reach students, disciple and train them, and prepare them to be instruments of change in their communities, especially those from the rural areas.

Largest Religion

Taoism, folk religion (and some Buddhism)

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