Mission & Vision

World Team is the unique blending of two missions (Regions Beyond Missionary Union and Worldteam), each with a long and storied history. This fusion came about in 1995. Both RBMU and Worldteam had a strong focus on those who were outside of the reach of the life changing message of the Gospel. Both agencies were also the fruit of a vision to see communities established and multiply themselves. The fusion led to refocusing workers on community, prayer, the unreached of this world, and the power of the Gospel to transform lives as workers as well as those who are served by these workers.

World Team’s Mission and Vision statements answer the questions: “Who we are” and “What we do”.
They represent the grid or framework by which World Team views and assesses all its work and ministry. They push World Team members to align their ministries with a larger focus that unites them together. World Team’s mission and vision excite each workers to long for more fruit and growth both in their lives and in the lives of those to whom they are called.


World Team exists to glorify God by working together to establish reproducing churches focusing on the unreached peoples of the world.

  • … Glorifying God … : The goal of missions is to glorify God by bringing people from every tribe, tongue, and nation into a relationship with Jesus Christ. World Team’s passionate commitment to God’s missionary agenda is a living act of worship.
  • … by working together … : God created men and women for fellowship with Himself and with each other. We commit to work together in teams and to love one another as a reflection of God’s own interpersonal relatedness.
  • … to establish reproducing churches …: Christ is building His Church. He calls his children to evangelize and disciple people from every nation so that they become part of His Church. Every local church can and should reproduce itself. Multiplication is the natural outworking of a healthy fellowship of believers, something that happens continuously and normally.
  • … focusing on the unreached peoples of the world… : Two billion people in our world are considered”unreached”. They are isolated from the gospel because of language, culture, geography, social, or political circumstances. World Team’s desire is to make His name known among those who have never heard.


Innovative teams multiplying disciples and communities of believers, bringing the Gospel within reach of lost people everywhere we go.

  • …Disciples…: A disciple is a growing follower of Jesus who strives to act upon what He taught and to share with others the transforming truths of the Gospel so as to see others become disciples.
  • …communities of believers… : A community of believers is a group of committed Jesus followers who gather to worship, to study the Word, to build into one another’s lives and to further the mission of Jesus. These are the functions of the community. The form a community of believers takes can be varied, but it is contextualized so as to represent the outworking of the Gospel in that culture/people group.

World Team’s Mission and Vision create the ethos in which each member lives and works. It is not considered as a list of principles that should be hung on the wall or put on sticky notes. They are the Framework in which World Team workers work and create innovative ideas.

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This research paper, done by an internal working group in 2011, served as the foundation for a larger discussion on specific ways to respond to global trends. This paper is primarily for WT use and may not be reprinted or used without the permission of World Team Global.

The World Team Ministry Framework brings clarity about who we are and what we do. It is a tool designed to assess the value of our ministries to the larger Mission and Vision to which God has called us. The World Team Ministry Framework serves as a covenant which binds us together as a community and frames the way we live and work together with one another.