The New Annual Development Review (ADR)

The former Annual Ministry Evaluation/Review, used to review and create goals over the course of a year, has been re-developed and refined to reflect its function and purpose—a tool to help DEVELOP each member of World Team.  Done in conjunction with your supervisor, the ADR celebrates victories and progress as well as assesses areas of your life and work to be further developed over the next year.

The demands and commitments we each have can become overwhelming and sometimes confusing.  This annual review (with quarterly follow-ups) requires a step back to consider where we are at and prioritize—Am I keeping the main thing the main thing or am I getting distracted?  Am I imbalanced in my life and work?  Do I see where God is working when things seem slow?  How stressed am I?

Comments from Field Directors about the new version of the Annual Development Review:
“I like the fact that strengths and accomplishments have been added.  …the focus was only to find areas of growth (ie. euphemism for “weaknesses”), and nothing was said about the person’s accomplishments and strengths.  This is an EXCELLENT addition….”

“It connects so clearly to our Framework.”

Look for your supervisor to inform you of when you will be doing your ADR during the year.  If you would like to take a look, go to and click on the Annual Development Review link!

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