My name is Stacey and I am 34 years old. I married my husband, Dave, 12 years ago and we have since adopted four children from Ethiopia. We signed on with World Team in July of 2010 and are currently living in Cameroon, Africa where we serve as linguists / Bible translators.

Our missionary journey started with a search for a like-minded missions organization. We both knew that we wanted to be Bible translators but also had a heart to be involved in church planting and discipleship. In looking for an agency, we found that there were either agencies that planted churches or agencies that translated the Bible. We prayed that the Lord would provide us with a theologically conservative, Gospel -centered organization that would support us in both of these desires. And we are thoroughly convinced that the Lord answered that prayer in directing us to World Team. We feel very supported in pursuing excellence in our field of linguistics / Bible translation and also challenged to make disciples and train leaders as we go.

World Team spurs us on to do what the Lord has already called us to do: keeping the Gospel central, cultivating a life of prayer, equipping and releasing leaders, collaborating with other believers, growing in our competence as linguist/translators, and cultivating a character that would be worthy of imitating. World Team does not feel like corporate America where there are bosses and deadlines but instead feels like our greatest ally to seeing our ministries glorify God. They support us so that we can thrive and the church can be built up in our various areas of ministry. And so we thank God for directing us towards World Team.

In March of 2013, my husband and I and our four toddlers headed to France for French studies. I remember finally getting our children on the plane, along with our 8+ carry-ons and having the flight attendant ask me if I wanted her to take a picture of us since it was such a momentous occasion. I laughingly said that the stress of packing up the kids and luggage to fly overseas was a memory I wanted to forget. Since then, our lives have not slowed down. We studied French for a year and a half then came to Cameroon, more-or- less built a house, and now are in the thick of our local language studies. Yet, through all the stress and the changes, the Lord has been so faithful to us. Promises like those found in Psalm 139 have proven true:

Psalm 139:7-10 Where shall I go from your Spirit? Or where shall I flee from your presence? If I ascend to heaven, you are there! If I make my bed in Sheol, you are there! If I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, even there your hand shall lead me, and your right hand shall hold me.

The Lord has consistently reminded us of his presence with us in leading us to World Team, adjusting to one culture in France, now another culture here in Cameroon, and learning new languages. Truly, his hand has led us and his right hand has held us.

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