Serving Each Other

Mickey and his wife Cherie moved to Brazil in 1995. Their goal was to facilitate church planting with World Team by training and mentoring Brazilian pastors.

One of the first connections that Mickey made was with a young pastor named Wilson.

Wilson was fresh out of seminary and was interning at the church in Brazil that Mickey and Cherie had recently begun attending.

The church was planted years before by a dynamic missionary couple who had many years of experience. When the missionaries moved on from the church, they left it in the care of the elders. It was the elders who brought Wilson into the church as the pastoral intern. The following year Wilson was asked to be the pastor.

Wilson accepted the role but it wasn’t without its challenges. The missionaries had left some big shoes to fill and Wilson had virtually no ministry experience.

On the other hand, Mickey had gone to Brazil to support men like Wilson. The timing could not have been better.

Mickey was still learning the language and the Brazilian culture, and Wilson was learning the ministry. They became fast friends and quickly began helping and supporting each other.

Sadly, the challenges facing the church became too much and the church eventually folded, but it wasn’t before Wilson was trained in ministry and Mickey had learned how to facilitate and train others.

Mickey and Cherie took what they had learned through that experience and began working with other churches and leaders in the surrounding areas.

Wilson continued on in ministry and was asked to lead the youth at another local church. He accepted and while serving there a need arose for someone to lead a new church plant in a neighboring town.

It’s been a few years since Wilson began leading this church plant. Mickey, in a recent discussion with Wilson, was pleased when he heard about the progress he had made. The cell groups are growing and five people recently came to Christ.

When asked about his role of facilitating church planters in Brazil, Mickey brings up Wilson. Their relationship was based on mutuality, in their weakness they could learn from and trust each other. Summing up their relationship Mickey says, “I believe that he made it in ministry not because of what I taught him, but because I was with him in his journey, as we learned together and went through many trials and experiences as friends and partners.”

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