“Lord I will go anywhere you want me to go, but I’m going to be a pastor”. That prayer is not the most promising start of a missionary career, but at least it was a start. I honestly had no intentions of being a missionary, but the Lord brought me along a journey that transformed my heart by giving me a desire to truly go where he would lead. My name is Ron. I am married to Amy and together we have four wonderful children. We serve with World Team in Milan, Italy seeking to establish reproducing churches by God’s grace. Allow me to explain how I got here.

My journey actually starts back in 8 th grade. It was at that time that I began to sense the call of the Lord on my life to go into full time ministry. I simply saw my pastor preaching and something burned within me to be like him. He took time to disciple me, teaching me how to study God’s word. Upon graduation from high school, I enrolled at Columbia International University (CIU) with the intention of studying to become a pastor. What I did not realize at the time was that CIU was an extremely missions minded school. During my first year and a half I began to be more open to missions as I heard chapel messages and testimonies from those who served on the field. However, I kept telling the Lord, “I will go anywhere you want me to go, but I’m going to be a pastor.” I know it sounds silly, but it honestly did not dawn on me that I was effectively telling God what I was going to do no matter what he said – I was going to be a pastor, period. Perhaps because I was saying it in the form of a prayer, I thought it was OK. At any rate, during my second year at CIU, one of the professors sponsored a trip to India. I signed up to go. It would be my first trip out of the country.

The trip to India impacted my life in so many ways. Obviously seeing the extreme poverty, the idolatry, and the deep devotion of the believers we met, all burned a lasting impression on my heart. Ironically, however, it wasn’t India that made the biggest impression on me. It was our layover in Amsterdam. As we were doing a bit of sightseeing, I remember one of the professors saying that Amsterdam used to be the theological capital of the world, but now it is Satan’s playground. I distinctly remember going back to the hotel that night and changing my prayer. Now I could say, “Lord, I will go anywhere you want me to go. AND if you want me to be a missionary, I would really like to be one somewhere in Europe.”

The trip to India was billed as “a trip of a life time.” For me it was. Not only did I begin to sense the call to be a missionary, but I also met my wife on that trip. After we were married the Lord kept giving us a desire to do church planting in Europe. We did not know exactl where, but began to investigate the various mission agencies and decided to pursue relationship with World Team. During the assessment process, we immediately felt the valu of having a team as they suggested that we consider Italy. We had never even thought of Italy but at their suggestion we researched the spiritual need, visited the team in 2004, and wer invite to join the work God was doing. We never felt alone in the process. In 2009 we lande in Italy and have been enjoying doing what God has called us to do

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