Pray Green

Reaching Muslims through prayer and relationships


1.4 billion Muslims have never heard the gospel. They have never walked alongside or shared a tea with a Christian. These 1.4 billion people seek to know God but they need direction and help from those who follow Jesus. Sadly, there is only 1 Christian missionary for every 400,000 Muslims. Today, just as in Matthew 9:37-38 the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. This miniscule number of Christians serving among Muslims is a tragedy and we’d like to see that change. That’s what Pray Green is all about. We’re taking a prominent color (Green) within Islam and using it to draw attention to both a dilemma and an opportunity.

Pray Green is a bridge from the current situation of too few workers to what God wants to do in the Muslim world. This bridge includes praying for the Muslim peoples and forming teams that use everyday life experiences to build relationships with the Muslim community. Additional people with a desire to connect in real and personal ways are needed to walk life together with children, young adults and families of the Muslim faith. The dilemma is clear (too few workers) and dire for the Muslim people (lost without Christ) but the opportunity to be relational, authentic, and impactful as Jesus followers is equally as clear. Our relational approach includes teaching English, computer and job skills training, youth programs, health awareness, sports and starting businesses; all of which are aimed at bettering people’s lives. By meeting relevant needs, barriers are torn down and we have a unique opportunity to find common ground, form relationships and share the love of Christ.

1.4 billion Muslims are waiting; Pray Green is trying to close the harvest-worker ratio gap. Pray with us as we make others aware, train and send new workers into this great harvest within Asia.

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