Tribal Leadership Development

Region: Suriname
Area: Sipalawini
People: Trio and Wayana Tribes
Category: Training and Education
Term: Long-Term (2+ years)
Description: Join a team providing leadership development to Trio and Wayana church leaders so that they can in turn, reproduce other leaders. Take part in a 'portable' Bible school while living and teaching in a tribal setting. If you enjoy sharing God’s Word with others and helping them grow in Christ, and if you love the church and desire to see healthy churches grow and multiply, this ministry opportunity might be for you! There are many parts to a church-planting team, but we all share a passion for making disciples and bringing them into community so they can in turn reach out to others.
Title: Tribal Leadership Development
Location: Tribal
Minimum: Church Planting and Multiplication
Degree: Training in Bible, discipleship, and leadership development