Mercy and Justice

Region: Haiti
Area: Les Cayes, SW peninsula of Haiti
People: Haitian
Category: Medical / Spiritual Care
Term: Mid-Term (4-24 months)
Description: Does your sense of compassion for people move you to action? Are you willing to be uncomfortable for the gospel? Help the poor and disenfranchised find joy and new life in Christ. Pray with them, learn what their needs are, then use your creative, compassionate, innovative heart and mind to develop relevant, sustainable programs for meeting individual and community needs. Your ministry will be part of a holistic approach to support the Haitian church in its efforts to advance the gospel in Haiti, while serving the needs of local communities.
Title: Mercy and Justice
Location: Small City
Minimum: To facilitate the training of Haitian physicians and nurse practicioners both medically and spiritually.
Degree: Licensed Physician or Nurse Practitioner, able to train and supervise Haitian medical professionals and offer them spiritual guidance