Evangelism and Discipleship

Region: Spain
Area: Madrid, Béjar, Badajoz, Cáceres
People: Spaniards
Category: Church Planting
Term: Mid-Term (4-24 months)
Description: Do you enjoy sharing the work of grace in your life with others? Is it natural for you to share your faith and to testify of God’s goodness in your everyday speech? Do you enjoy helping others grow through one-on-one or small group contexts? It’s important to learn the language and culture well to share your faith at a heart level. We’re looking for mature Christians with strong interpersonal skills and a desire to share Christ with Spaniards.
Title: Evangelism and Discipleship
Location: Rural, Small City, Suburb
Minimum: Church Planting and Multiplication
Degree: Training and experience in evangelism, discipleship and leadership development