Doctor or Nurse Practitioner

Region: Haiti
Area: Les Cayes, SW peninsula of Haiti
People: Haitian
Category: Training and Education
Term: Long-Term (2+ years)
Description: Use your medical skills as part of a multi-national team proclaiming the love of Christ through excellent nurse practitioner training. World Team is looking for doctors and nurses to provide training in the Nurse Practitioner School in Aux Cayes. As a medical provider, you will learn to communicate in a culturally sensitive way. Adaptability and flexibility are character traits needed for medical roles as you will work with less than perfect equipment and systems. The ability to share knowledge with others and train them to offer health services will be part of your ministry. Along with providing quality medical training, you will be involved in discipleship and spiritual leadership training. Candidates should have a strong passion for seeing reproducing churches planted through the holistic ministries advanced by your students.
Title: Doctor or Nurse Practitioner
Location: Small City
Minimum: Church Planting and Multiplication
Degree: Degree in education