Creative Arts Ministry

Region: Cameroon
Area: Southwest / Adamawa / East Regions
People: Cameroonians (Baka, Bakoum, Oroko)
Category: Art and Media
Term: Long-Term (2+ years)
Description: Use your creative gifts to bring the stories of God to life in oral-based-societies such as the Baka and and semi-literate societies like Oroko and Bakoum. Your artistic skills can be an invaluable contribution to a church-planting team. Music, drama, and the visual arts are tools for sharing the gospel and building relationships. The arts are instrumental in creating new channels for evangelism and discipleship in Cameroon.
Title: Creative Arts Ministry
Location: Rural, Tribal
Minimum: Church Planting and Multiplication
Degree: Experience in using your creative skills in ministry, good communication skills, ability to travel