Church Planting to Reach the Hindustani

Region: Suriname
Area: Paramaribo
People: Hindustani
Category: Church Planting
Term: Mid-Term (4-24 months)
Description: Share your love for Jesus and your spiritual gifts with a team working among people groups with little or no knowledge of the gospel. Do you enjoy sharing God’s Word with others and helping people grow in Christ? Do you love the church and desire to see healthy churches grow and multiply? There are many parts to a church-planting team, but we all share a passion for making disciples and bringing them into community so they can in turn reach out to others. Find your place on a Hindustani church planting team in the suburbs of Suriname.
Title: Church Planting to Reach the Hindustani
Location: Suburb
Minimum: Church Planting and Multiplication
Degree: Training and experience in evangelism, discipleship and leadership development