Bible College Professor

Region: Haiti
Area: Les Cayes, SW peninsula of Haiti
People: Haitian
Category: Social Issues
Term: Mid-Term (4-24 months)
Description: Use your seminary degree and teaching experience in a Haitian Bible College. Students enrolled in a bachelor’s program receive a theological education that prepares them for ministry in the 21st century, with its global trends of urbanization and technology. Join the team that provides a quality, Biblically-based education that enables students to thrive in all aspects of ministry. Professors have opportunity to build personal relationships with the students and mentor them into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. The goal is to see students grow academically and spiritually –becoming life-long learners by providing a dynamic, relevant education. These current and future leaders in the evangelical church are vital to the continued advancement of the gospel within Haiti and from Haiti to the unreached regions of the world.
Title: Bible College Professor
Location: Small City
Minimum: To facilitate the building and maintenance of buildings
Degree: Construction Experience