Ministering Through Family

This story is true, but we changed the names of the people and places. We don’t want to risk compromising the people or the ministry. Thank you for understanding!

Beth and I first met Nicolas and Claire at prenatal class. We were preparing for the birth of our first child, Matthew, and just like everyone else in the class we were nervous. We wanted to do it right, and for everything to be perfect for our precious baby boy who was scheduled to arrive in just a few short weeks.

Claire was drawn to Beth from day one of the class. To her, Beth seemed natural, fun and bright. She was also intrigued by the fact that Beth wanted to deliver her first child naturally. Claire was inspired to do the same.

After the final class, the young mothers planned to go out for a coffee together. The girls hit it off from the start. Little did they know this was the birth of a deep friendship.

It’s been five years now and Beth and I are close friends with Nicolas and Claire. Little Matthew and Nathan, who were born two weeks apart, have become best buddies as well. They like to jump on the bed and play cars together. They decorate Easter eggs and explore the park together. A few months ago, when Nathan had an extra ticket to a local circus, he decided that he wanted to invite his friend Matthew to go with him.

Nicolas and Claire have told us on numerous occasions that they are not interested in “spiritual things”. And while at present this may be true of Nicolas, we don’t believe it for one-second in the case of Claire. Nicolas is engulfed with his work, with his primary focus being on climbing the next rung of the corporate ladder.

Claire, however, drips of “spirituality”. She is fascinated by astrology, follows her horoscope consistently, converses about all the latest well-being fads and reads up on world religions. Just a few weeks ago in our apartment, Claire rummaged through her bag searching for her Tarot cards in hopes of reading Beth’s future. Beth politely declined and what followed was an opportunity for us to share the Gospel with her. We had talked about the Gospel on other occassions, but this time we went further. She left our home that day with a children’s Bible that she plans to read to Nathan and Simon, her second born son.

Would you join us in praying for the salvation of Nicolas and Claire as well as for their two boys Nathan and Simon?

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