Mercy & Justice Initiative

The Mercy and Justice Initiative is an intentional effort to church-plant through methods that minister to both body and soul. This approach allows us to plant communities of believers in areas while simultaneously confronting the realities of poverty, environment care, war, radicalism, etc.

What does this look like for World Team?

In our recent history, it has looked like this; community centers in Muslim areas, jewelry workshops among impoverished women, coral reef care in Southeast Asian islands, birthing clinics in low income districts of Asian cities, English language classes in Malay rubber tree plantation villages, agricultural projects in Central Asia, etc… all with the goal of establishing communities of believers in unreached parts of the world.

What does this look like going forward?

For World Team it looks like this:

  • Equipping ourselves with a new organizational tool allowing us access to refugee camps, war fronts, etc.
  • New training allowing World Team missionaries to learn, practice and develop others in Justice and Mercy initiatives.
  • Opening new fields that require missionaries with the heart and skills to attack spiritual and physical needs.

What might this look like for you?

Maybe you have specific medical-related skills that could be used to plant communities of believers among women in high risk of entering the sex trade. Maybe you have agricultural skills that could be used to plant communities of believers, and help subsistence farmers adapt to a globalized economy. Maybe your concern about our fragile ecology could be put to practical use as you build communities of believers, and help educate fishermen in sustainable fishing methods. Or maybe you simply have a humble heart and mind and are willing to be trained in some of these areas. Either way, there are unreached people groups with spiritual and physical needs who could use your help.

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