“You are taking four kids to the mission field?” Hi, my name is Marjie. I am 54 years old, and yes, 14 years ago, my husband and I took our two boys, 13 and 14, and our two girls, 10 and 11, to the Mission Field in Cambodia. We boarded the plane on my 40 th birthday. Was it easy? No. Was it worth it? YES!
Today we are working full time at Mercy Medical Center, side by side with our Cambodian workers, most of who are the same age as my grown kids.
As the main missionary recruiter for our ministry, I am grateful for the encouragement and support of World Team. The US sending center offers pre-field training, pastoral care and logistical support to new missionary candidates. And the field leadership provides crucial support for language learning as well as logistical support and pastoral care. These vital services keep us freed up to focus on the frontline ministry. Having a long history of experience as well as a high value for ongoing learning, World Team also provides us with opportunities for continuing education and networking, sharpening our skills for cross cultural ministry. There is a trend lately called direct send: Churches bypassing the mission organizations, attempting to take on all of these tasks and services themselves.
I have yet to see a church that has the capacity and expertise to do all of these things well. We are also blessed with a church that is highly committed to missions and their missionaries, but they have recognized the need for a quality mission organization. And World Team recognizes the need for a committed church. We are grateful for both.

So God has given us a life of privilege and joy: of watching young Cambodian believers grow in strength and share their faith; of never having a home, but always having a home-or “homes” on both sides of the world; of surrendering all to Him, and receiving more than we could imagine in return.
So, yes! We brought four kids to the mission field. They saw first hand how desparately the world needs the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. What are they doing today? As pastor, and lawyer, and designer and teacher, they, like us, are continuing to grow in love of God and others. And despite the sacrifice of the current vast distance between us on this earth, I think they all would tell you that their real home is in heaven.

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