Restructuring Americas

The Americas: A Vision for the Future

The Americas Area has a great diversity of ministries. We have mature ministries with a few younger, newer ministries scattered among them. We minister in many languages. We have older ministries where there are no resident missionaries and new ones where we are the primary church planters. We minister in jungles and large cities and everything in between. Two years ago we changed the organizational structure of our Area to better minister in a changing world and draw upon latent synergies.

The New Structure

Wherever we have ministered, World Team has employed a geographically based Field structure. In the Americas Area our structure has undergone a radical transformation. Instead of structuring by country or region, we are organized by ministry stage or type. Fields as we knew them are gone. They have been replaced by Ministry Divisions which are not bound by geography or political boundaries. Our three Ministry Divisions each encompass more than one country and are made up of several teams. What do they look like?

  1. Pioneer Ministries, where no national church association yet exists and direct church planting is carried out by World Team missionaries.
  1. Partnership Ministries, where World Team missionaries work alongside a national church association.
  1. Liaison Ministries: where we no longer have missionaries living in a country but maintain ties with a church association.

People generally don’t like change, we much prefer the status quo and the way things have always been. The Gospel does not change, however the world changes, how we minister changes, available technology changes. Our structure changed so we could better minister in a changing world. Technology helps us because technology now allows us to work together over vast distances. Synergies emerge as widely spaced teams, doing similar ministries, bring together their insights and ideas, combining them to develop strategies which help us reach an ever changing world with the never changing Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our new structure enables and empowers us. It is a sail, not an anchor.

 Gary Clow, Americas Area Operations Manager

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