Emancipation Day

A husband and wife brought to freedom through prayer.

Mohmoki, a middle aged Wayana woman, lives two hours downriver from our village. She was feverish and had pain in her head, stomach, legs, and feet. She went to several witchdoctors. They sucked on her, blew smoke on her, and did their chants – but no relief.

Desperate for help, she came to Lawa and asked our church leaders to pray for her. For several days the leaders gathered before dawn to pray for her, to read scripture to her, and to talk with her about the need of her soul as well as the need of her body. She cried out to Jesus and the lightning bolt of grace struck her with full force and transferred her from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light. Healing came to her body and soul.

Since she doesn’t know how to read, I asked her to have a family member read the Bible to her to nurture her new faith. Her husband, a hardened, rejecting unbeliever read to her every day from the Word of God. I talked with her husband about his spiritual need. While he acknowledged his need, he was not ready to change.

For about two weeks he watched his wife transform right before his eyes as he daily read to her from the Scriptures. God’s Word finally pierced his heart and he, too prayed to receive the Lord as Saviour. One week later he was baptized in the river while his tribes-people lined the shore to observe the testimony of what God had done in him.

The baptism was held on July 1, a national holiday in Suriname. It was “keti koti” day (the cutting of the chains) or Emancipation Day, the end of slavery in Suriname back in 1863. While many were observing this holiday with drinking parties and festive celebrations, we were observing the true breaking of the chains of the bondage of sin that had held a life captive for so many years.

Your prayers and partnership with World Team made a difference in the life of this couple who are now living in freedom. Twelve tribal churches dot the jungles of Suriname. The people have a deep love for God”s Word and now make missionary trips by canoe to reach other small, isolated groups to share the Good News. God has ansewered our prayers for more workers Marco and Marjolein Schuurman arrived from Holland in May and are studying the language and culture.

We are pleased to report that the long-awaited Wayana Bible Concordance is ready to be printed! If you would like to be a part of the work that God is doing among the Wayana and support this people as they spread the Gospel, you can make a gift to go towards the printing of the concordance. Our goal is to have a copy printed and available for each of the Wayana churches.

Your gift of any amount can help make that a reality.

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