World Team has a team in New York working with International Students from all around the world. This is the story of how God is moving among the family of one of those students.

On April 3, 2011, I was baptized.

I set up a blog to share about my new faith with family and friends back home in East Asia.

Two weeks later while sharing with my mom, she followed me in saying the prayer and became a Christian. Since then she’s changed. She has peace.

Around the end of May my mom’s sister became a Christian, so did my sister and two cousins.

Throughout the summer my mom continued sharing her faith with the whole family and her friends. Some people responded positively saying they would like to believer, especially my mom’s close, long-time friend. Those who claimed to be Christians but had never shared the Gospel were encouraged by my mom’s boldness.

At the end of August another relative, an old lady with cancer, also believed in Jesus. Then a friend and a pastor came to my hometown to preach. One of my mom’s friends went to hear the pastor. He asked her to say John 3:16 aloud and replace world with her name. That night she gave her life to Jesus.

Just recently a mom, dad, and their daughter came to believe in Jesus. After listening to my mom share her testimony, their grandmother asked her to come to their home more often because she can see how God is changing their relationships.

This is what we have been praying for a long time.

Thank you.

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