Cerny Smith Assessments (CSA)

Burdens + problems + millstones + challenges + struggles = stress.


We can’t change much of what knocks on the door, but how we handle those burdens and challenges determines how stress will erode or enrich our lives.

World Team supports the use of the CSA online assessment to reveal the impact of change and stress on your productivity and resilience. It helps you answer how you are doing, what can you learn from how you are doing, and what can you do about it.

I have coached seven people through their CSA report; learning to leverage personal strengths to address life’s challenges is the most helpful outcome gained by most of them.

One new missionary wrestling with language learning and health issues was encouraged when he saw how to apply his strong discipline and habits to address his challenges. An experienced worker who is experiencing low stress was delighted to discover how he could leverage his strengths to increase his ministry effectiveness.

The CSA seeks to empower global people to live and adjust cross culturally and its assessment tool identifies stress levels in five areas of living: organizational, cultural, relational, resilience, and foundational. It does not assess personality, abilities, or success. It is a confidential tool to help you understand your stress points. Coaching after taking the assessment helps you to respond to stress more effectively.

While we can’t change what knocks on the door, taking the CSA helps you handle stress. World Team covers the cost of taking the CSA and provides trained CSA coaches to help you understand your stress points and how to leverage your strengths to meet life’s challenges.

To take the assessment, please contact

Albert Ehmann

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